A sea of shields - The Sorcerer’s Ring 10

I was wondering why the story continues here… It could end here with a happy end for everyone with a few unanswered questions.

Gwendolyn gives birth to her son Guwane and he is a powerful baby. Thor must find his mother after a couple strange dreams and his mother looks like prisoned on a strange place. He is also training with Argon in a quest of his own powers that he had probably as a druid.

Gwen is overwhelmed by many emotions, the birth of her son, the leave of Thor with his dragon, the death of her mother, the predictions of Argon that the ring of the empire will implode and will be engulfed with misery. How to evacuate a whole population?

Eric gets the message that his farther is very sick and will die soon. He needs to go home. Alistair, his bride will be is following him to the south Islands. At home he discovers some surprises. 

In the series ‘The Sorcerer’s Ring’ are published:
  1. A quest of heroes
  2. A march of kings
  3. A fate of dragons
  4. A cry of honor
  5. A vow of glory
  6. A charge of valor
  7. A rite of swords
  8. A grant of arms
  9. A sky of spells
  10. A sea of shields
  11. A reign of steel
  12. A land of fire
  13. A rule of queens
  14. An oath of brothers
  15. A dream of mortals
  16. A joust of knights
  17. The gift of battle
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A sea of shields - The Sorcerer’s Ring 10


Morgan Rice


Morgan Rice






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