Animal speak - The spiritual and magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small

For a beginner who wants to grow spiritually, I can imagine that this book is too extensive. There are also many other things in this 'book, such as numerology, the meaning of colors and which wind direction that animals leave. In addition, is the meaning of landscapes important for a spiritual reader. We will learn something about auguries, Indian dance rituals and other important objects. This book contains so many information that you need to read it in pieces.

In this case, I believe that the books 'The holy man' of Gerhard Buzzi and 'If animals could speak' by Christiane Beerlandt are better suited for a (spiritual) beginner. In those books there are not so many additional cases written.

'Animal speak' is also a basic book of animals, you have the option to use the book as a manual by the meditative exercises. In addition, it offers you a way to find out which totem animal belongs to you. Also, you will learn: How can I handle in my with messages of animals everyday life?

Personally I love this book, because it is very educational about animals. Here I learned things about animals like: How and where do they live? How is their way of life? And the most important point: What have they to tell you in your life? And in that way I use it almost like a bible. When I have dreamed or met special animals in my life I will read this book. I want to know and understand the message. So I should advice this book.

This one is a topper!

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Animal speak - The spiritual and magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small


Ted Andrews


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