Blind hope - An unwanted dog & the woman she rescued

This book shows that the ways of God are unfathomable. Laurie Sacher was something missing in her life but she didn't know exactly what. Her life look liked perfectly for the bystanders but from in the inside of her heart she felt her so empty and broken.

She did everything to be at certain group. She stayed there for a couple of months, but every time she was unhappy and couldn't found where she was searching for. So Laurie tried it again to find some happiness and satisfaction in another group.

At least she stayed at the special farm with his own history. This farm was build up from nothing to a place where broken people and animals can heal from their traumatic experience from the past. Even the trees were rescued of a certain death on this farm.

One day Laurie rescued a dog. She was looking for a dog that was beautiful from the outside. But when she met the dog it wasn't a clean one. She smelled awful and her breath was bad, her coat was too nasty to touch and she suffered from malnutrition. Laurie couldn't leave the dog because it would be her death for sure.

After a visit of a veterinarian she heard that her dog was sick and needed injections for insulin through diabetic. The dog gets the name Mia. In the mean while they are growing together. Mia showed Laurie mirrors of her own behavior and how she can change it. During this process she will find her believing in God.

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Blind hope - An unwanted dog & the woman she rescued


Kim Meeder Laurie Sacher


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True story

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