Darkest fate - Singularity – Book 3

As earlier mentioned, I had low expectations for this trilogy based on the quality of the first volume. However I was pleasantly surprised at the improved and increased depth of the narrative in the second volume. Indeed, the improvement continued through this third effort, which crowns the trilogy.

One of the high points in this volume was the treatment of the character Drake with regard to his cleverness and integrity in his defense of Skye, often using humor against the super natural powers of her accusers.

Earlier Skye was obliged to leave Drake behind because she was dragged to London by her shadowy ex-boyfriend pending her trial by the coven for alleged misconduct. Skye’s dedication to the protection of the singularity is in conflict with the rules of her coven. This is a central theme to the entire trilogy.

In a parallel story line, Drake uses clever tricks to discover certain family secrets which causes chaos in his own life as well as that of his sister. In order to survive their life situation, they need to make some serious changes. They get help from a surprising source.

According to the policy of the coven, protecting the veil and finding the Singularity are the most important tasks of all the witches. During Skye’s trial, some witches are murdered by the night covens, which changes the priority of the covens: protecting their own becomes central.

At this critical moment, are Skye and Drake going to be capable of protecting the Singularity without the help of the coven?

In the series of ‘Singularity’ are published:
  • Wicked sense
  • Broken spell
  • Darkest fate
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Darkest fate - Singularity – Book 3


Fabio Bueno


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