Different - Tainted elements – Book 1

O yeah, the central character Moira is absolute different in comparing of the other people. Only she doesn’t know yet, it is a process of awareness and development. In this first part, she will discover her options and powers as well with regard the elements. In her world is it normal to possess one of the four elements: fire, air, water or earth. She has the element air. But the use of her element air is regular. But that will change in the series.

One morning she awakes and her arm is on fire. She’s freaking out and too scared to share with someone. Because persons who possess more than one element are often labeled with the magical disease, just like father. Later she’s forced to tell to her mom about the second element fire.

The family decide to go on ‘vacation’ and her mother, who is a scientist in genetic manipulation, want also do some research about the new developed possibilities of her second element fire.

They are going to move to a small island where Moira discovers other people who have also more than one element and that they not wear the magical disease as Moira expected. During one of those visits to her new friends, her parents are abducted and somewhere tied up.

Of course Moira wants to find her parents and to release them. Can she count on her new friends?

In the series of ‘Tainted elements’ are published:
  • Different
  • Invisible
  • Monster
  • Captive
  • Hunted
  • Resilient
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Different - Tainted elements – Book 1


Alycia Linwood


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Target audience:

Young adults