Don't hex with Texas

This is the third part of Shanna Swendson. Her other two parts "Wizard on the white horse" and "On wings" have been translated into Dutch before. I was waiting for the third part to be translated. When it turned out that this was not happening, I read it in English.

It is also written in very fluently English, with no difficult words in the story. The necessary humor is also present again. I would describe the parts as: fantasy chicklit. Ideal for relaxation!

This part is set on the home in Texas of Katie Chandlers. Katie has the gift that she is total immune to wizardry and incantations. Nor should she complain about the love affair she has with the handsome but special needed wizard Owen. Many other women are jealous of her.

The wizard Owen has only one weakness: his love for Katie. This knowledge has also been looked at and is also being taken advantage of here by the enemy. Can Owen protect his girlfriend enough?

In addition, it turns out that Katie Chandlers isn't the only one in the family who is immune to wizardry. How will she explain this to the others?
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Don’t hex with Texas


Shanna Swendson


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