Empire of storms – Throne of glass 5

This part of the series ‘Throne of glass’ was the most difficult book to read because there were a lot of words that I didn’t know. Also the depth of the story had reached a new level, because some situations between the characters were certainly complicated, especially at the end of the story. This story was not one of my favorites because many words were used to describe battle fields. For me that was boring.

In addition, the plans that Aelin made for saving her kingdom during the journey with her large company is too unrealistic to be believed. It would have been impossible to coordinate the actions for the high goals that she had planned. The book starts actually with three story lines: one about Manon and the events that contribute to her actively seeking to become a conscientious and passionate witch.

The second story line is about: Elide is in her own way a strong woman. She is a queen in exile with one burning goal, finding Aelin.

The third story line is, of course about the quest for the wyrd keys that are essential to restore Aelin’s kingdom from the dark forces which are overwhelming her people and causing derangement in their conduct.

At the end those three story lines are intertwined: Aelin must sacrifice her own safety, as even her kidnapping is a way to protect her subjects from the malicious queen Meave. The story leaves the reader with the urgent questions: Will Aelin survive? Will the company find her in time to rescue her from Maeve’s evil plans?

The books included in the series ‘Throne of glass’ are:
  • The assassin’s blade
  • Throne of glass
  • Crown of midnight
  • Heir of fire
  • Queen of shadows
  • Empire of storms
  • Tower of dawn
  • Kingdom of ash
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Empire of storms – Throne of glass 5


Sarah J. Maas








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Young adults