Endgame - Night School 5

Unfortunately, this is the last part of the series Night School. I find that really sucks, because that means that I have to say goodbye to the protagonist Allie. I like her so much, because it’s a such powerful character. On the one hand she has her emotional weaknesses but on the other hand she is strong on a physically and metal way. She knows on a creative way how to do the battle with her enemy Nathaniel. It seems that she only became stronger after the loss of her grandmother.

But her life is a mess. Her beloved Carter was kidnapped during the fight that took place after the meeting. However he knows to save the life of Allie. Allie doesn’t even know if he is still alive. This makes her an emotional wreck and she is unable to think clearly. But it gets even more difficult when Sylvain returns to Cimmeria academy. Allie cannot accept his emotional support because she has Sylvain deceived by Carter.

Furthermore Nathaniel wants to get at all the organization with regard of school in his possession. Through losing everything plus the suffering in her environment and the continuing threats it seems that Allie has no choice. Or does she still an ingenious solution to all the problems?

The parts of the Night school series are:
  1. Night school
  2. Legacy
  3. Fracture
  4. Resistance
  5. Endgame
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Endgame - Night School


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