Fracture - Night school 3

I couldn’t stop reading the series because I liked the story so much and I read all the parts in a few days. At the beginning I needed a dictionary but at the end it wasn’t necessary anymore. The author doesn’t only knows how she can increase the tension in the story, in addition she’s also a master at spreading the tension. Thus, I couldn’t put the books away. First, I really wanted to read all the parts before I will write the reviews. Such a thing will not happen to me soon.

More and more terrible things are happening at the Cimmeria academy. The security guards are be continually reinforced. But it look that this has no influence on the traitor of the school. The traitor knows how to keep himself well hidden at Cimmeria and of course he doesn’t take care of the safety to the students.

The threats to the students become more extremely. And it's only a matter of time before the parents will take steps for remove their children from Cimmeria academy. Can Allie prevent this? Who can she trust after all this misery? Is she able to protect her friends enough? And to who belongs her heart actually, at Carter or Sylvain? Nathaniel is becoming more and more compelling to choose his side to Allie. Will she be strong enough to follow her own choice?

The parts of the Night school series are:
1. Night school
2. Legacy
3. Fracture
4. Resistance
5. Endgame

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Fracture - Night school 3


C.J. Daugherty


Little Brown UK






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English books

Target audience:

Young adults