Frogs and kisses

It took quite a while this time before the story really started to get exciting. The beginning was it easy to put the book aside but that certainly doesn’t apply at the end.

The story needed a long run before it came interesting in the situation of Katie and Owen. The long run is, among the others stories in this series, caused by the organization with the name 'Collegium' because they don’t want to bite the bait that is offered through the firm Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc.

Katie get the chance to work at the corrupted organization, she will go, only with another intention than the collegium had in mind. Katie and Owen have wedding plans, these plans will even have to be postponed so she can infiltrate within the collegium, that want to take over Owen's company.

It seems that within the company Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc. many people work for the competitor without a real company name. The collegium is known for its very aggressive work style. Filtered and forced take-overs with regularity is a habit. For people who don’t cooperate, their track are vanished without trace.

Katie and her team have a common goal: to stop the dubious practices of the collegium. She knows to win the trust of this criminal organization and sees the biggest atrocities happenings. The highest time to slam an alarm.

Will she find her vanished and beloved Owen in time?

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8. Frogs and kisses

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Frogs and kisses


Shanna Swendson


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