Graceling 1

Which always happens to me with reading a trilogy, is that I start with part 1 in the Dutch language and will end with the English translation, because the publisher decided not to follow the others volumes in the series in the Dutch versions. I read this one in Dutch. And when I started with the review, I saw there were also part 2 and 3. Of course only in English. That’s why I decided to write the review of the first narrative in English.

I was surprised by this discovery because the end of the first book was actually closed. Yes, there were a few storylines for a sequence, but I didn’t expect that. The start of the book was a little bit weak. I recognized the author as a starters writer. But later in the book it has absolutely reached the level of professionals.

The central character is a young girl with a special gift, she can kill people with her bare hands. She is so strong and she has also strategic insight in how to fight. Through her gift she’s obligated to follow the orders of her king. He likes to show off with her as killing machine against everyone who disobey his will.

In a secret way, she is helping people. An important grandfather is abducted by another king. She is capable to save the grandfather and start a research about the abduction. During the journey, she finds important information about gifts of other royal people and their motivations. The other family members who are connected with the abducted person are in great danger.

Will she arrive in time to protect the family?

In the series of ‘Graceling’ are published:
  • Graceling
  • Fire
  • Bitterblue
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Graceling 1


Kristin Cashore


Orion Publishing Co






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Young adults