Healing for Horses

For me it was a very recognizable book about healing of the cosmic energy Healing Touch for Animals, because I completed the first two levels of the course 'Healing Touch for animals' recently. It cannot be said often enough that healing is just a support function for regular medical care and/or alternative therapies for horses.

The author explains what healing is and how it works. What you can expect to improve results and what is realistic to expect by means of healing sessions. Further in this book you will learn when it can be used with mental, emotional and physical problems. There are only a few exceptions not to do it and this has more to do with the mood of the healer.

In principle anyone can apply healing on his own horse and for them is this book also good. In small steps, the reader will be prepared to do it on his own. Also the experiences of the author herself give a good picture what you can expect as a healer if you are busy with your horse.

The writer explains many further practical cases from her own life and how it all began. She tells how she has travelled and how she has reached her current plans. Finally, there is a small explanation about the power of stones and how you can use them to promote the healing process.

It is a self learning book which starts with basic methods. It is thus possible for every beginner.

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Healing for Horses


Margrit Coates


Ebury Publishing






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