Holistic animal handbook

A guide to nutrition, health and communication

The book is written in simple English and printed in very large line spacing. It is a basic book for people who are spiritually searching for their (own) animals in naturopath and who have to find their own place in this. This book can help you make certain choices in your life.

In this book, is the underlying thoughts of how to treat animals as respectful living sensitive beings are well explained to the reader. This way of thinking is explained in the areas of: (ready-made) food for the cat or dog, the use of Bach flowers in animals and finally the telepathic way of communication.

The first part is about nutrition. What was the natural way of life of dogs and cats in the history? What has changed in our current lifestyle? Similarly, animal nutrition from the manufacturer, is this as healthy as they actually claim? What is in the dog food? How do you read the manufacturer's packaging? What is a good alternative?

Bach Flowers are treated in the second part. You will be introduced to the history of the Bach Flowers. They were first brought onto the market for humans and only later for the animals. They are used for rebalance in the emotional feelings in people or animals. Each blossom has its own effective effect on emotions such as anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, sadness or insecurity. I have had good experiences with this and I would certainly use it to help an animal to support in a difficult situation.

In the end telepathic communication is discussed. What should you expect with this kind of communication? How can you communicate in this way? And how can you use this communication to benefit the animal?

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Holistic animal handbook


Kate Solisti-Mattelon Patrice Mattelon


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