Horses never lie

A better title was certainly not possible, very applicable. I can this book summarize in one line: the book is just great. It is written in the same atmosphere as the similar book: The man who listens to horses from Monthy Roberts. The only difference is that this author is not grown up with horses in his youth.

While reading this story you can see how the author has an inner growth in his life of a beginner person to a behavior expert in the field of horses. He got a lot of knowledge about behavior in the free nature. That makes the story so special.

And in fairness I must confess that I have read some solutions and underlying thoughts of behavioral problems that he took as examples from his work experience were very surprising. Sometimes so surprising that a revelation for the author as the owner of the horse. Not in the sense of: what can I learn the horse? But what has the horse learn to me? I would described this story as very educational. That is why this book is a favorite of mine, and the reason for me to advice this book to other people.

It is not a book about how you should threat a (of yours) horse. Also not a book about those problems can be solved like this way and the other problem you ought to handle like .... It is rather an inner relationship between the horse and the owner.

In that sense, I can recommend the book to each horse lover!

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Horses never lie


Mark Rashid


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