Kingdom of ash - Throne of glass 7

The title for this story is really appropriate. Many capitals are literally reduced to ash by the other six parts. In my opinion, the descriptions of the battles were unnecessarily long. But I can see the element of surprise that the author intended to use as a vehicle for character development.

The fact that detailed descriptions of slashing, chopping and stabbing are not particularly to my taste in reading, I can appreciate the clever use of these devices to bring forward the author’s story line in an often surprising way.

However, this volume does have one unrealistic feature. To achieve victory in this war with an overpowering and formidable enemy is contingent on the success of one individual, the central character Ailin; whose perseverance is essential to the plot. This seems to me a weakness in the fiber of the story. Even when Ailin is captured, locked in iron coffin and endures many tortures, she persists with her inner struggle to protect her kingdom.

Without any preparations to the reader, the author has Ailin consult previously unknown characters and groups such as military forces and royal alliances not introduced anywhere in the series. This did serious damage to the credibility of this story.

Ailin is captured and tortured by the valg queen Maeve. And she will escape. At the border of the woods she will find her friends. And then the fight for a better world will start…

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Kingdom of ash - Throne of glass 7


Sarah J. Maas








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Young adults