Legacy - Night school 2

Night school is a series that consist of five parts. The first book I read in the Dutch language and I was immediately caught about the story. However the next parts are not ‘yet’ translated into Dutch. So I started with the second book of the series ‘Legacy’ in English. You need to start with the first book otherwise you don’t understand what’s happening. However the author explains a few details about the previous book.

I like the story because the main character Allie is in an inner growth through the path of maturity. The terrible situations that are happening at the Cimmeria school required her grow into an adult fast. In many situations she needed to lie to her friends, so she lost friendships with girlfriends. Even her boyfriend Carter is pushing her away.

Allie is confused about who she can trust. She can’t share her secret thoughts and worries with someone. So she felt quiet lonely. And the threats of the enemy who is called Nathaniel is getting closer to Allie’s live.

And her lost brother Christopher is sending her a letter. He wants to talk to her, but if she wants that, she needs to break the school rules. Can she do it secretly without any punishment or not?

The parts of the Night school series are:
  1. Night school
  2. Legacy
  3. Fracture
  4. Resistance
  5. Endgame
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Legacy - Night school 2


C.J. Daugherty


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