Making rounds with Oscar

The inspirational story of a doctor, his patients and a very special cat

Such particular story as this one, I have never read before. The animal lovers amongst us already said for a long time that people get have support from a deepest friendship with their animals. This is not a testimony for only one person, but a supporting cat for the complete nursing department. In this case not only for the patients themselves, but also for their families.

It is said that a cat has not an owner, but staff. Well this does not apply to the courageous cat Oscar. He stays in vary company of the demented elderly and their families during the last hours of a patient.

On the demented department where Oscar lives he is a guide for the nurses. He gives in time a signal to the nurses through laying down on the bed when it is going bad with one of the patients. Then the nurses know that they have to warn the family

In this book the author was looking for the how and why about Oscar's behavior. During this research he gets no real insight to the behavior of Oscar, but he learned a lot about dementia and how destructive this can be for the person himself and his environment.

Oscar has not only a special gift, in the meanwhile is he there for everyone, the residents, family and staff. His support is unthinkable. The cat is a buddy for life. This book will touch you in your heart for sure! That is exactly the reason that I would recommend this book.

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Making rounds with Oscar


David Dosa








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