No quest for the wicked

There were only a few words that I didn't know and needed a dictionary. In addition, I liked the role that Granny (the grandmother of Katie) had in this story. That's really funny and her condition is very good for an old lady.

Also with this story you will not be disappointed. Normally I don't like at typical woman books, but Echamted INC. I just love to read it. There is a good dose of humor, and sometimes the story takes a surprising turn. And this cause many conflicts between the personages.

There is found a powerful stone, the one who is wearing the brooch gets power over other people. But that isn't the only bad property; it's also continuing seeking for more power. The holder of the brooch will be hunted trough everyone because of those properties.

Unfortunately Katie gets together with her boyfriend Owen the mission of the only true magician Merlin to destroy the stone. But she's happy with some action during the mission. But they must first find out where the stone is located and that's not clear for a long period. Then it appears that the terrible, the former boss of Katie has the stone in hers possession. Moreover, she's clearly enjoying the dominance that she has over other people. That will promise a very tough fight between the two ladies.

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No quest for the wicked


Shanna Swendson


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