Oblivion - The power of five - Part 5

This was the last book of the series ‘The power of five’. I read this in English because the Dutch version wasn’t available at the library. This book had a lot more pages considered with the other parts. As also in part 3 there were bloody descriptions again of the war between the old ones and the humankind. Some paragraphs with descriptions were very rosy.

If you are looking for a feeling good story, don’t take this one, because you will be disappointed. The end of the story is strange and it look like if the characters never have existed. And there was again messed up with the time. This time about 10 years in the future. In the meanwhile, the old ones have almost destroyed the whole world. The five important teenagers are split up over the world.

The five – everyone were together – had escaped from Hong Kong when a tsunami was happening, together they went through a magical door. The gatekeepers - Matt, Pedro, Scott, Jamie and Scarlett – escaped through a single door they will see at the other side that the world have changed in one big war area. Things as fuel and electric are disappeared or extremely expensive.

They all must pass a lot troubles when they want to re-group again and plan their next move. The last battle will take at Oblivion at Antarctica. The magic doors are closed so the gatekeepers cannot move to Antarctica through the doors. They all need help but who can be trusted? Almost everyone served the old ones…

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Oblivion - The power of five - Part 5


Anthony Horowitz


Walker Books






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Young adults