Rebel mechanics

The story is set in 1888. It is very convincing written by the author. When I was once in the story, I couldn’t put it more on the side and read it in a few days. Although this is a fantasy story with some spells, but the build and use of the devices from that time still carries the upper tone. You can think of the first steam train for example.

It is well written and the author knows how to hold the attention of the reader until the end of the book. Furthermore, I am wondering if there is a second part will come out of it. There are plenty ingredients for a second pat. I searched a few translations and later it was no longer necessary at all.

The way of living according the social etiquette from the rich ones at that time gives some support in the story. Teenagers needed a chaperone when they went to the ball, we cannot this imagine anymore nowadays. In addition, the layered social classes of society and their interdependence come to its advantage as here elaborated in this story.

Miss Newton is coming to town and is looking for a job as governess. Her first adventure is the train robbery of the masked bandits. At least she found a job as governess at a magister family. During her work she sees that this family has a lot of secrets, but of course she also have her own secrets. Can she handle and use all the secrets together?

In the series Rebel mechanics are published:
  • Rebel mechanics
  • Rebel magisters
  • Rebels rising
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Rebel Mechanics


Shanna Swendson


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