Resistance - Night school 4

This is part four from the series Night school. Still the author knows how she can enhance the extreme tension in the story and how she can hold the attention of the reader. Without this is becoming stringy across the reader. Stressful situations are happening increasingly in rapid succession, what is creating the necessary momentum in the story.

More and more friends of Allie become entangled in the web of lies that are created by the enemy: Nathaniel and his followers. Sometimes with disastrous consequences for the environment at the Cimmeria academy. The traitor in their midst has still not been caught. There is one suspect but is this justified? Could Allie do something for that person? She isn’t convinced that this person is the real traiter.

The role with of her grandmother Lucinda is becoming clearer and her influence at Cimmeria and business around the world. Is Allie ready to take her place against their common enemy Nathaniel? Because he wants a parley but this is very dangerous. Flee for Nathaniel doesn’t like as an option anymore. She is finished to live in fear and the fear for her own life. And what does her brother wants from her, while he’s a follower of the enemy Nathaniel?

The parts of the Night school series are:
  1. Night school
  2. Legacy
  3. Fracture
  4. Resistance
  5. Endgame
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Resistance - Night school 4


C.J. Daugherty


Little Brown UK






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English books

Target audience:

Young adults