Riding between the worlds

Expanding Our Potential Through the Way of the Horse

If I had to summarize this book in a few lines, I would say: nearby the horses you get the chance for confessing your problems and faults. In the meanwhile the horse is just like a (emotional) therapist and is working with you at your important lessons of life. In this story horses offer their support to people who are sexually abused, or persons who are emotionally not in balance, or people that have to absorb a traumatic situation of their youth.

Absolutely one of the best psychological books that I have ever read. That will say something, because I am a Dutch reviewer of animal books. This book is not really for help at your own, but it gives you a lot more insight about your private situations in your life. At the end you will find a card with emotional messages which the reader can use to learn more about her/himself.

I was surprised that my attention was caught within a few pages. It is clearly written and any specialized terms are professionally explained in an evidently way to the reader.

The author has written many real situations in her book. Case for case she explains her vision about it, and how to handle it. I was wondering if this kind of therapies exist in the Netherlands. I really don't know.

This story is different and striking because the author sees what happens in her own herd. She learned that Spirit has an important influence to the herd, and made her own vision about the way of life of horses. It is in any way sure that she has a special relationship with her horse friends.

This book is the sequal to 'The tao of equus', which I wanted to read as well. I have to say that my expectations of the first English book are high. 'Riding between the worlds is an eye-opener for the human psychology. It can change your life drastically and improve it.

This book has changed my life forever. I knew that something was wrong with my marriage, but I couldn't explain what. There was a line that said 'if you sit down in an emotional roller coaster; get off it'. And that's what I did.

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Riding between the worlds


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