Saving Gracie

How one dog escaped the shadowy world of American puppy mills

Who is not familiar with the well-known animal cops TV series on the animal planet channel in which neglected animals are rescued by the SPCA and an attempt to relocate these animals is obliged? I immediately think of that when I’m reading this book.

Only this is the expanded version of animal cops and the story goes extensively on the turning point of the dog law in America with regard to puppy factories. Once the story backs up in the amount of factual data where they closed puppy factories and the number of rescued animals listed. Even my image of a bread breeder goes far beyond this story.

The descriptions of a puppy factory:
  • The dogs lie in their own feces
  • The stench is so overwhelming that it immediately catches your breath and eyes
  • The cages are so small that the dogs can barely turn
  • And the lofts are often way too full
  • The dogs have many medical problems and never see a vet
  • They never get out of the cage
  • Seldom have food and too dirty drinking water to drink
  • Cages lined up row after row and often stacked four high
  • The dogs are of course not socialized
The book is a testimony to the perseverance of a group of people who are committed to giving the animals a better life and improving the living conditions of puppy factories through legal provisions of America.

At the end, tips are given to the reader about what you can do and how to recognize a bread breeder. The tip is to rather adopt an asylum animal.

The message of the book is: Never give up!

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Saving Gracie


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