Secret fire

I just finished this book of the authors C. J. Daugherty  & Carina Rozenfeld and wow what did they have a great fantasy. At the beginning of the story I needed some time to read the pages before I liked the book. The start of the character Sacha was really weird. It took a while before you understood what was so special about Sacha.

In a refined way the characters Taylor and Sacha are connected to each other without them knowing each other. They are brought into contact with each other with the help of teachers. Only later in the story is slowly but surely clear to the reader why it is important that they maintain contact.

Sacha cursed in a way that he can’t die. His body will repair by himself. Even when he’s murdered through bad guys. This sounds good but it is not, because he already knows that he’s going to die when he reach the age of 18

But the gifts that Tailor possession are actually much more important. She does not know it yet, but it looks that she can not only save Sacha with her special powers but Shall she will be in time to find a solution to all the problems, but can she also save the lives of her French boyfriend?

A book that you will read without any break! I can’t wait for the second part!

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Secret fire


C. J. Daugherty, Carina Rozenfeld


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Target audience:

11 - 12