The burning - Triskellion 2

This is second part of a trilogy. The first past was translated in Dutch. To my great annoyance, the second and third parts were not translated into Dutch at all. Series of books that I usually like (but not the rest of the Netherlands), then only the first part of the series will be translated.

This story is full of dangerous and exciting adventures. During the long journey through Europe we get to know different types of twins, each with their own gifts. It’s not clear to me at all why the newest twins must die at the end of the story. According one of the head personages everything is happening with a reason. However, I finished the book, I don’t still get it.

Adam and Rachel have fled from the village of their grandmother. They have the first triskellion in their possession. They are taken care of by the 'Hope' project. However, nothing is what it seems. The younger twins Morag and Duncum want to travel with them through Europe. Finally, they ended up traveling in Africa. During their journey, they meet several twins. It is good that they are on the road together as a group, because they have multiple enemies. Will they be able to find the second triskellion in time?

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The gathering - Triskellion 3


Mark Billingham


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Target audience:

11 - 12