The Crocodile Tomb - Gods and Warriors 4

Earlier I read books of the author Michelle Paver, but for the first time in my life I had a struggle to finish the book as an outsider. There were many words that I didn’t know and I needed a dictionary. It bothered me deep during my reading of the book. I was so slow with turning of the pages. For me was the story difficult to follow. I’m not used of this kind of struggles in reading of English.

The legend says: 'If an outsider (Hylas thus with help of his friend Pirra) will lift the sword, the house of Koronos will burn.' Within a mysterious country that hides somewhere on the edge of the world. There is not only a hidden grave there, it also carries a secret in silence at a tomb of the dead people.

With the necessary obstacles, Hylas and Pirra find their way to the mysterious land of Egypt. Like their enemies, they are looking for the dagger of Koronos. It is a race against the clock who will find this dagger first. All means are hereby allowed to realize this goal.

But the dagger is now unreachable for ordinary mortals. To achieve their goal, they must overcome their own fears.

In the series Gods and warriors are published:
  1. Gods and Warriors
  2. The Burning Shadow
  3. The Eye of the Falcon
  4. The Crocodile Tomb
  5. Warrior Bronze
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The Crocodile Tomb - Gods and Warriors 4


Michelle Paver


Penguin Random House Children's UK






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English books

Target audience:

11 - 12