The emotional life of animals

A leading scientist explores animal joy, sorrow, and empathy - and why they matter

This book is written by the famous scientist Marc Bekoff. This scientific piece stand out for me, compared to other books. The most scientific books are filled with factual information, but 'The emotional lives of animals' is about cognitive ethology that is why the book is different and special.

Although the book has sporadic information with just dry data, I enjoyed this book. It is written in a pleasant, friendly way and he has absolutely a personal style in making points clear to the reader. The autors love for animals is goes very deep. What I noticed during reading is that he didn't use many jargon.

The author leaves behind his own emotional trace in the book with his personal highlights and low points. That makes the book so special for me also. This way of writing is very unusual in scientific literature.

Of course, animal freaks know already that animals have emotions. This book shows a growth in cognitive ethology science at the researchers. There are not only questions like: How does it feel to be an animal in certain circumstances? But there are also good rhetorical questions and insight questions. It helps the reader to think about animals' emotions.

For me it's a book in which I agree with the views of the author! With that reason I would advice this book to other ones. Readers will absolutely learn why animals deserve our respect.

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The emotional life of animals


Marc Bekoff


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