The gathering - Triskellion 3

Only the first part is translated in Dutch. I don’t understand why a trilogy is only partly translated into Dutch. Someone who cannot speak English is just unlucky? Not exactly customer friendly ... You can’t read this part as an independent story. I find very written. The story is full of surprising twists and turns between the characters and their mutual relationships. That makes the story extra exciting and provides unexpected conclusions that you do not expect at all. I am sorry that I have completely finished the series.

The twins Rachel and Adam lead a new and submerged life in Australia with their mother Kate and friend Laura. Their memory has also been tampered with the intension to hide all the traumatic experiences, from their past and terrible adventures. They try to live out of sight of ‘The Hope Project’ a company that’s interested in special twins. However, they are quickly found, but then the twins are already on their way to America.

They have recovered their memory and know what to do. The intention is with the help of their special friend Gabriel, that they will collect all the three Triskellions, but malicious groups will hunt for them and they will not hesitate to use violence to achieve their final goal. Owning the Triskellions.

It will be a race against the clock.

The other titles that are published from the Triskellion trilogy:
  1. Triskellion
  2. The burning
  3. The gathering
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The gathering - Triskellion 3


Mark Billingham


Walker Books






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Target audience:

11 - 12