The shamer’s daughter

The wild witch is a new series that will appeal to children from the age of 10 with a lot of imagination. The author knows how to advance the tension well without disturbing the story. I also think the dialogues in the series are well written out. By this I mean that the author does not invent any new words or animals to get the story under tension. This makes exciting situations almost normal.

The only thing that is true fantasy is the wild weighing event, is a special way of traveling, you could say. In addition, the main character does not have pets, but this will soon change when Clara is scratched by a wild cat. She is not just sick of it, but even very sick. Her mother desperate. At least, the mother brings Clara to her sister, a concealed aunt. Not just an aunt, she is a wild witch. Fortunately, she knows how she gets the fever down through the cat's crab.

But then the misery starts really well. An attempted kidnapping, thanks to her friend Oscar, failed this action. In small steps Clara finds out that she is a wild witch and that she has special gifts, to the great detestation of her mother. It is time that Clara learns to defend herself as a witch, because now she is too much in danger.

Through her aunt she all gets to know new people and she learns more and more about the danger that is hanging over her. Will everything be fine?

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The shamer’s daughter


Lene kaaberbøl


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Young adults